We have selected a few highlights that can all be reached within 15 minutes’ drive:

  • One of Bavaria’s biggest beer gardens outside of Munich can be found in Haag an der Amper; a 5 minute drive away. This is a perfect place to enjoy this very particular part of the Bavarian lifestyle. A huge children’s play area ensures that the whole family can relax.
  • The Hallertau, an area of 178 km² and listed as the largest continuous hop-planting area in the world, starts right behind UNSER BAYERN.
  • For hot summer days local swimming pools are close by; our favourite, the ‘forest pond’ (Waldbad) in Nandlstadt, has a kids pool and a small restaurant. Or, for all seasons, within a 30 minute drive is the Therme Erding.
  • Numerous local pubs are close by and are all listed in our little handbook, including recommendations.
  • Simply leave UNSER BAYERN through the backdoor and you will find yourself in fields and forests offering you long walks in all seasons.



MUNICH – Capital city of Bavaria, famous for its beautiful architecture, fine culture and the annual Oktoberfest beer festival. A major international centre of business, engineering and research, exemplified by the presence of international businesses, world renowned universities and world class museums like the Deutsches Museum, Pinakothek and the BMW Museum.


LANDSHUT – A medieval town with a historic city centre mostly preserved in the state it was 500 years ago; a pedestrian zone with shops, makeshift concerts on the streets during the summer and a Christmas fair during advent. Landshut is famous for its Landshuter Hochzeit, a quadrennial re-enactment of the actual medieval wedding, including knights’ tournaments.


FREISING – Probably best known for the world’s oldest brewery, Weihenstephan, which was founded in 1040. Worth a visit is the Freising Cathedral, first constructed in 860 on top of a steep hill overlooking Freising and Upper Bavaria, with views as far as Munich and the Bavarian Alps. Freising is the next biggest town, offering all shopping facilities.


REGENSBURG – Regensburg boasts the largest preserved medieval city centre in Germany. It is sometimes called “the northernmost city of Italy” due to the lively places and streets with lovely outdoor cafes during summer, as well as the large number of Italian-style medieval merchant houses and towers. Regensburg is one of the few cities in Germany that survived World War II mostly undamaged.