Erected in 1673, and moved in 1985 from the Moosburg area to UNSER BAYERN, this barn is amongst the oldest of its kind in Bavaria. It was rebuilt in its original Landshuter structure and only the roof was changed from straw to tiles.

While, certainly, many scenes of history have crossed its past, 2014 opened a new chapter – a monolith styled antique theatre.
To celebrate the beauty of its ancestral architecture, without touching any of the original structure, a black monolith was raised, resembling the form and dimensions of an antique theatre.
Lacquered in blackboard paint to play with shades and colours, a space for endless creativity was created. Inspiration is challenged here!

The barn can be rented together with any of the houses or the HAMLET for private events of all kinds. Family parties, theatre performances, corporate off-sites and yoga sessions have all been enjoyed in this unique setting. The quality of its acoustic allows for classical concerts as well.

Please note we can only accept approved service providers. A list can be provided on request.